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It is not unusual to see people with multiple monitors connected to their laptops or work computers in recent years. Others have extremely large screens with 2 screen real estate. It’s simple: Show us as many tabs, Excel documents, or browser windows as we want at any given time. However, a new screen provides a slightly different perspective (pun intentional) on how screens can enhance or hinder your work day. You decide.

Ultra-narrow screen

This is Elsonic’s EK-MD088 screen. This screen is a subsidiary of Japanese manufacturer Nojima. You don’t have to know her either, as this is not a well-respected screen manufacturer from the major leagues such as Samsung, LG, ViewSonic or AOC. Maybe that’s what allows her to be so creative with her models.

The new screen actually creates a new category of “ultra-narrow” with unusual 420 × 1920 pixel proportions, that is, an image ratio of 7:32 – as opposed to the 16: 9, 16:10 we are used to or even the 3: 2 And the 3: 4 making a comeback. The screen’s dimensions are very slim at 8.8 inches. You can carry it around in a bag or use it as a portable screen (weighing in at 198g).

These proportions allow, for example, designers to see sites along their entire length – without having to scroll down; Another option is to display the various slack channels on it, so as not to get lost between the sea of ​​messages and tags throughout the day; And Excel and Data mice will be able to dig into columns and cells – so cell A3141 is also suddenly available. You can also see a screen that has a code editor on the product page. This allows you to see more of your code or the IDE. However, this narrow display means that you have to be very careful about how many characters you use in your functions.

The screen can also hinder productivity as it is well-suited to endless scrolling modes that social networks offer. This makes it easy to scroll more and more. You can easily scroll through your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn feeds on one screen.

The TFT panel that displays the screen has a nice pixel density (223/PPI), a maximum brightness (300 nits) and a standard and acceptable refresh rate (60Hz). The screen features 2 buttons that allow you to adjust the settings. It also receives power through a USB C connection. This connection is only for display purposes and cannot be used with other devices. The display connection is of the miniature HDMI type. According to the company, the display connection is of the mini HDMI type.