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If you were listening to music on your computer in the 2000s you would probably remember the days of cool effects that would change shapes and colors according to the music you hear (or at least that’s what they sold us). So this speaker will do it, but in reality. The Van der Waals is a Bluetooth speaker that comes with 3 tweeters, a passive bass radiator, 2 instant basses and an acoustic fabric that envelops it. It connects to your device with BT5.1 and supports quite a few important standards, and comes with a USB-C port for power (properly).

But to be honest, the sound quality and its connections are not as interesting to us as what this speaker presents. At its top, under a transparent lid, there is a ferromagnetic fluid and below it a set of magnets. The company claims that they use special algorithms that actually give instructions to magnets that affect the liquid and cause it to change shape depending on the music you play. The company’s demonstrations gave us a hard vibe of Venom’s symbiote or the alien reporter from Arrival, but it looked cool.