Where is the most expensive place in the world to buy an iPhone 13?

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Money SuperMarket’s new research not only examines the prices of the iPhone 13 in every country in the world to tell you where the cheapest or most expensive prices for the next time you fly for vacation, but examines them in comparison to the average salary in each of the countries examined. To perform the test, the team went for the classic base model, the iPhone 13 in the 128GB version, which is the model most people will probably buy (since it is not as big and expensive as the Pro models, and not as small as the Mini model).

The company scanned Apple’s websites in various versions around the world (and therefore, apparently, Israel is not on the list) and pulled out the prices of the model in question. She crossed these figures with the average annual wage in that country, and divided by 8 working hours. The result is the amount of work hours that people in the same country will have to work on average to make enough money and buy the new iPhone. You know, assuming all the money they make goes solely to buying a shiny new iPhone, not to mention food, property taxes and an iCloud subscription.

Do not be an Apple fan in the Philippines

The least expensive place in the world to buy an iPhone is Hong Kong. Compared to US prices, the iPhone 13 will cost $ 874 there, but given the average wage in Hong Kong, the average resident will have to work 62 hours, which is a little over 7 working days. Not bad.

In Switzerland the situation is even better, but mainly because of the average annual salary among the highest in the world – the Swiss will only have to work 34 hours to get the iPhone 13, and it is also in the top 10 countries where the price of the iPhone is the lowest. It pays to be a Swiss dark amateur, it turns out.

Let’s move to places where if you lived, it would be better if you found something else to buy: Apple enthusiasts in Brazil will once again find that in their country the prices of the iPhone 13 are the highest in the world (at least on official channels). In Brazil you will have to pay $ 1,449 to buy the basic iPhone 13, which is about 65% more than the price in the United States. In addition to the average annual salary, the average Brazilian will have to work 690 working hours, which is 86 days, which is about 2.8 months. Successfully.

If you were looking for a slightly worse place to some extent for Apple enthusiasts, you will find it in the Philippines. Not only will you have to pay another 17% on the price of the iPhone compared to the United States, but you will have to work an average of 775 working hours, which is about 97 working days which is a little over 3 months. All this, to be pampered with the base model of the iPhone 13.