A look into Apple new AirPods 3: with water resistance and upgraded battery

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Apple’s new AirPods bring several upgrades to the second model in the series, some of which have so far been the domain of those who owned the company’s pro model. AirPods 3 will bring their users the ability to use Spatial Audio – Apple’s “spatial audio” feature. In addition, Apple claims to have significantly improved the drivers in the AirPods 3, so both the bass and high notes should sound better in the new model.

Apple says they understand that not all AirPod users are the same, so they made two upgrades that should help with the listening experience. The first is a new design that should help you hear the music in the best way, regardless of the structure of your ear; The second is a feature that goes from the pro model to the “unprofessional” model – Adaptive EQ – an equalizer that changes with each song anew, depending on its recording and sound, so you can hear them all in the best way possible.

In the battery life segment, the Airpods 3 are upgraded – and will come with 6 hours of listening, with their case allowing you 4 more full charge cycles. This means that when you leave the house with a full case – you can listen to about 30 hours of music on AirPods 3 before you have to recharge them again.

And speaking of charging, alongside charging via cable – the AirPods 3 case can also be charged wirelessly in Qi standard and now also with the help of Apple’s MagSafe chargers, which entered the lives of the company’s users with the launch of the iPhone 12 last year.

Another significant upgrade that came to AirPods directly from the Pro version, water resistance and sweat in the IPX4 standard – just like in the Pro model. This way you can use them when you run outside or work out in the gym without being afraid of water damage.

The latest upgrade to the new AirPods model is the ability to add them to Find My, Apple’s network that helps you find your products – which started as a way to find the iPhone and became more significant with the announcement of the Airtag. By connecting the Airfoods, you can find them more easily and put them in “lost state”, so that Apple devices that pass by them can know who they are and help the owner find them.