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Kickstarter and Indigogo are the largest and most popular crowdfunding platforms in the world, providing a platform for many technology and outside projects and enabling them to raise funds for development and production with the help of the public. Despite this, it is important to remember that this is not a store or old companies, and there have been quite a few cases of projects that failed and left the supporters without a product and without the money, so take this into account.

Working from home has a lot of benefits: from working in underwear and pajamas, to zooming meetings instead of traveling in traffic jams. But it’s hard to remember all these wonderful benefits when every few minutes someone (we look at you, kids) comes and asks you something and interrupts your work sequence. In the TV and radio industry, we are all familiar with the “On Air” or “Quiet, take pictures” signs, and it’s time for you to have one too.

Familiarize yourself with the BusyBox that comes in two models: one is standard that comes with a pre-made set of messages like “please do not interrupt”, “recording” or “busy”, which you can manually replace and turn on remotely using the smartphone. But the really cool version is the digital version, where you can use an app to write whatever you want remotely on the simple LCD screen. Put threatening emojis or nervous messages, and the sign will be updated immediately. The battery should last for 10 hours of operation in the digital version, and for about 120 hours in the standard version, and both are charged via a USB-C cable.

The sign, whether in the standard or digital version, can be affixed to the door or wall, or simply placed in a strategic place so that household members always know when you can be knocked on the door, and when they will bark if they dare to ask you one more question. The app even interfaces with the voice assistant of Google and Siri, so you do not even have to log in to the app to turn on the remote, and you can even create automations with Slack, Google Calendar, Zoom and more.

We have a feeling it could become a hit if we ever go back to the offices. Or now with other children and family members, who are interfering with your New Normal routine.