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If you have been blessed with a private home with a garden, you already know what a nightmare it is to mow the lawn. Instead of spending the weekend at rest, you have to stand in the scorching sun and perform a rather boring routine. So just like there are vacuuming robots that replace the broom, there are also mowing robots (and no, we do not mean Robot Wars). Now Segway is revealing a lawn mower robot with a pretty cool concept that will make sure it does not run away from your garden.

Mowing robots are not a new concept but when your vacuuming robot runs away from the room or balcony, it may not be pleasant, but when your mowing robot runs away from your garden, it can end up in a very bad episode of a black mirror. To make sure this does not happen, mowing robots usually come with a kit of pegs and physical wires that actually force you to fence the mowing area.

The Segway company, which probably sells better than the original Segway and scooters it produces today (Vickir System Gikti, Loomo, the half-robot-half-vehicle), unveiled this week Navimow, its first experience in the field of mowing robots, coming for the first time with GPS eliminating the need In all the wires and pegs for marking the area.

Instead, you will need to perform some sort of first semi-manual launch for Navimow using the dedicated app, in which you will set the robot’s new virtual boundaries. Using a navigation system (which the company calls the Extra Fusion Locating System – no less), the robot can identify in seconds where you placed it. In the event that the robot exceeds the limits set for it for one reason or another, you will receive an alert to the app. According to the company, the navigation system is more accurate than GPS with an accuracy of 2 cm.

Once the boundaries have been set, the robot will start mowing the lawn in the new area, and you will be able to define in the app areas that you do not want it to mow and define transitions between different areas. Like your vacuum cleaner robot, if the Navimow battery runs out before the end of the mission, it will return alone to its docking station for charging, and return to continue the mission from the point where it stopped. The most advanced model comes with a 10,400mAh battery that should be enough to mow an area of ​​up to 3,000 square meters – so it seems to us that you are set.

Navimow also seems to know how to detect objects and humans using an ultrasonic sensor (in the most advanced and expensive version), and not approach you, so you could theoretically leave your belongings and children in the garden, and the robot could mow around them (though I want to see the brave first Who will do this experiment) and adapt the new mowing path created. As soon as the robot encounters an object or factor, the blades immediately stop spinning. In addition, it is supposed to produce noise of up to 54dB, which the company claims makes it one of the quietest robots there is.