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#1 Classic Notebook Journal

This simplistic journal is made to last you for years, with a leather hard cover and an elastic closure. And depending on your preferences, you can choose between squares, dotted, ruled, or plain paper.

#2 Hard Cover Medium A5 Dotted Notebook

This popular notebook comes with a variety of 23 colors. It features a hardcover, organizational stickers, inkproof paper, and dotted sheets that allow you to personalize your journal. Exact specifications. 

#3 Paperage Lined Notebook

This 160-page, hardcover journal is perfect for writers. It comes in eight colors and has acid free paper. You can use a pen, marker or pencil to write on it.

#4 Classic Lined Notebook

Amazon’s simple, basic journal has a built-in elastic bookmark and 240 page with rules to jot down as many notes as you please.

#5 Moleskine Classic notebook

Moleskin’s trusted notebook is durable enough to carry around, and a classic for writers.

#6 All-Weather Sidespiral Notebook

This 64-page spiral notebook with synthetic paper is waterproof and can withstand any kind of wear.

#7 Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal

You can keep track 5 years worth of thoughts with this interactive journal. Each day you’ll be asked a variety of thought-provoking question. After you’re done, there will be 1,825 of your answers to ponder.

#8 Leather Journal Writing Notebook

Over 1,300 customers have raved about this notebook’s vintage look and soft leather. Many people commented that the weathered look of this notebook was an excellent motivator for writing.

#9 Samsill Hardcover Writing Notebook

The lined sheets in this metallic journal will ensure that your writing stays neat, even as you’re rapidly scribbling your deepest thoughts.

#10 The Five Minute Journal

With a focus on boosting your personal happiness, this takes the pressure out of journaling with simple daily prompts that encourage you to effectively—but quickly—think about the positives of your day.