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#1 TCL 5 Series/S535 2021 QLED

The TCL 5 Series/S5352020 QLED is our best-value smart TV, with Roku TV as its smart user interface. While some may prefer Roku TV over other operating systems, it is generally considered one of the most user-friendly. The menu navigation is smooth and there are tons of apps to download. You can also cast content from your smartphone onto the TV.

It works best in dark rooms, thanks to its VA panel that has a high native brightness and decent local dimming. As there is minimal blooming around bright objects, the black uniformity is excellent. It can easily upscale lower-resolution content. This makes it a good choice for cable TV. The accuracy is excellent out-of-the box, but it can vary between units. It does not have VRR support but it does have a fast response time and low input latency.

It isn’t very bright, so it’s not the best option for viewing in well-lit rooms. Its reflection handling is not very good, so it may become glarey if there are too many lights. Although it displays a wide color gamut, it doesn’t get bright enough for highlights to stand out. It also supports Dolby vision and provides an excellent HDR experience. It’s the best budget TV that Roku offers.

#2 Insignia 55 inch

It allows you to stream content from Netflix and Disney Plus, and also offers live TV. The latest models feature an Alexa-enabled remote with an easy to use interface and support for DolbyVision HDR and HDR10.

#3 Toshiba 55-inch

A 4K LED TV for an affordable price with Fire TV technology. This model stands out among the many Fire TV Edition models that support Dolby Vision HDR or HDR10.

#4 TCL Class 4-Series (55 inches)

A 60Hz TV from TCL’s Class 4-Series that includes HDR, a built-in Roku TV interface, and support for Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

#5 Samsung 55-inch TU-7000

If you are looking for a cheap TV, the Samsung TU7100 (or TU7000 in the US), is a great choice. It is available in a variety of sizes, including larger options starting at 43in.

The limit of only two HDMI ports is one of its main drawbacks. However, this can be fixed with a splitter/AV box.

With Samsung’s Crystal UHD technology you get decent picture quality. Budget buyers will not be affected by its shortcomings. It’s the brightness that’s lacking here, which is typical of budget TVs.

Tizen OS, a powerful streaming platform with a user-friendly interface and the best selection of streaming services, is included. This means you may not need to buy anything.

#6 Hisense ULED 4K 50-Inch

The U6G is the 2021 successor to the Hisense H8G. It retains all the great things about the H8G model.

One of the most important image features you should look for in a new 4K TV is high dynamic range (HDR). HDR gives you a more realistic picture by allowing for higher contrast and wider colors. The U6G has some of the most impressive HDR specs for its price. You can also use it with any major HDR format, so you have everything covered.